Top Gun Quarterback TrainingBill Reagan’s Top Gun Quarterback Camps and Training Sessions develop the very core of a quarterback’s necessary skills. Just as a top golfer needs a “swing” coach or a professional tennis player continues to fine tune his/her game with a personal coach, so too quarterbacks today need to be sound in the habits they form while also constantly needing to fine tune their skills.

  • Footwork

    Far too many quarterbacks get too far into their playing years with poor footwork. At Top Gun an emphasis is placed on the proper training for three, five and play action pass drops.

  • Pocket Presence

    Once a quarterback has worked his drop, he must attempt to maintain a base within the chaos of the pocket. This is a priority with Bill who includes drills to maintain proper body position and balance, enhancing the potential for making the best throw possible.

  • Passing Mechanics

    Throwing a football is a combination of art and science but bad habits can begin long before quarterback training ever does. Coach Reagan has developed a systematic approach to develop and/or refine the basic mechanics for throwing a football. An efficiently thrown ball is not only a “thing of beauty” but also has a much greater probability of hitting the target and arriving there on time.

  • Accuracy Training

    NFL scouts continue to emphasize accuracy over arm strength for quarterbacks. Beyond training to perfect the throwing motion, Bill includes unique drills to improve accuracy. Quarterbacks may struggle to develop arm strength but accuracy is very attainable.

  • Passing on the Run

    Quarterbacks will vary in the amount of athleticism they possess but all will need to practice passing on the run and throws from awkward positions. You can’t prepare for every awkward situation but in training for throwing on the run and other difficult passing circumstances, quarterbacks will learn their limitations and be much more prepared for throwing on the move.

  • Decision-Making

    It is one thing to be a great passer but it is another to make the right decision of who to throw to. Reagan incorporates drills that force quarterbacks to make quick decisions and eliminate primary targets, if covered. These also tie-in to footwork as the feet connect to where the eyes focus.

  • Ball Handling

    This most elementary of quarterback skills is often overlooked in quarterback development but can be critical in eliminating turnovers. Top Gun training integrates not only basic ball handling but various play action fakes.

  • Performance Drills

    There is an important difference between practice drills and performance drills. At Top Gun the bulk of time is spent on practice drills and the perfection of quarterback techniques. Quarterbacks need to be challenged though and as training progresses, more and more performance drills are introduced for quarterbacks to see how they perform under pressure.

Beyond Football Training

You get more than just a great technique coach when you train with Bill Reagan. As a former coaching staff member of both Division I and Division II Universities and having gone through the recruiting process with two sons, one at the FCS level and one at Division III, Coach Reagan is a great resource and mentor for those striving to reach the next level and have expectations of going through the recruiting process.

If you’re ready to take your game to the next level, register for a training camp today!